Celebrations and Anniversaries


RFNC-VNIIEF: 65 years of glorious history

“This is just the place, where 60 years ago the first Soviet nuclear charge was fabricated. Thanks to this fact the fundamentals of the strategic nuclear parity were laid. RFNC-VNIIEF provided for stability of our planet for years ahead”
President of the RF D.A. Medvedev, Sarov, 22 July, 2009.

In accordance with the 65-th anniversary of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center over 30 greetings from the Security Council of the RF, LANL and LLNL (USA) and other institutions, design departments and companies were sent to VNIIEF.


The 29 August of 2009 is the 60-th anniversary of the date, the first Soviet atomic bomb, RDS-1, was tested. The Soviet people in a heroic effort created the nuclear weapon in the ruined and drained by the war country.
The test of the first Soviet atomic bomb demonstrated to the whole humankind, that our country have mastered one of the key technological complexes of the XX century. The atomic monopoly had been done away with, thus providing the world community with peaceful coexistence for the years to come. This event had also laid the basis for the present-day security of Russia.
Tens of creative teams and hundreds of thousands people had made their input into testing of the first Soviet atomic bomb. Established as one of the fundamental elements, supporting solution of this crucial problem, was the so-called “KB-11” (design department-11), specially constituted for development of nuclear weaponry, presently known as the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF, Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region), where jubilee celebrations took place in late August.


On July 22, 2009, RF President D. A. Medvedev visited the RFNC-VNIIEF

“RFNC-VNIIEF has secured our planet’s stability for years ahead,” - noted D. A. Medvedev, the RF president, during his visit to Sarov on July 22, 2009.


The 12 February of 2009 is a 75th anniversary of Viktor Nikitovich Mikhailov – an honorary RFNC-VNIIEF Scientific Leader, Director of the Institute of Strategic Stability of Rosatom. Viktor Nikitovich is a Lenin, USSR and RF State Prize winner, Academician of the RAS. Minister of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation in 1992-1998, RFNC-VNIIEF Scientific Leader in 1992-2007.


Radii Ivanovich Ilkaev - 70

October 9, 2008 is a 70th anniversary of Radii Ivanovich Ilkaev - a Scientific Leader of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Radii Ivanovich belongs to a constellation of prominent Russian scientists who implemented the Soviet atomic project.

For many years R.I Ilkaev held a position of Director of the nuclear center and under his guidance VNIIEF has become the biggest scientific and technology center capable of accomplishing unique R&D in safeguarding reliability, efficiency and safety of the Russian nuclear stockpile.


Academician Yu.A. Trutnev is Eighty

On 2 November 2007 in RFNC-VNIIEF it was held the session of the Scientific and Technical Counil dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of academician Yu. Trutnev. Dr. Trutnev received the congratulations from the Leaders of the Institute, city and RosAtom.

Yuri Alexeevich Trutnev is a prominent scientist of Russia. His name occupies a particular place in the succession of founders and developers of the country's nuclear and thermonuclear weapons.
He is a co-inventor (jointly with Ya.B. Zeldovich and A.D. Sakharov) of the most important radiation implosion concept, and was among the group that designed the first thermonuclear device based on the new principle. This device served as the prototype for practically all thermonuclear ones produced in the USSR afterwards.


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